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Tobias and The Angel

Wave print (oatmeal colour fabric ground, rub 12,000) Composition: 55% Linen 45% Cotton

Coral print (Oatmeal colour fabric ground, rub 12,000) Composition: 55% Linen 45% Cotton

Coral print (white colour fabric ground, rub 23,000)Composition: 40% Linen 60% Cotton

LYH Recycled Velvet

Composition:  100% recycled plastic bottles

Post consumer PET bottles transformed into polyester thread. Same level of performance and quality as polyester yearns made from virgin polyester normally used. Dry clean only.

LYH Recycled Cotton

Composition:  80% recycled cotton, 20% acrylic

Offcuts from the fashion industry. Process consumes less water and energy therefore reduces carbon emissions. Cotton is double brushed - softer handle. Dry clean only.

Vintage Linen

studio rich SRV

Composition:  43%Viscose, 21% Linen, 19% Jute, 17% Cotton

Our new Vintage Linen has a wonderful textured finish. Due to the natural composition of this fabric, slubs and irregularities are to be expected which adds a rustic characteristic to this beautiful linen. It has a Martindale rub test result of 25,000 rubs, and can be machine washed at 30 degrees.

Studio Rich Stain Resistant Velvet

studio rich SRV

Composition:  50% Cotton, 50% Polyester

Our beautiful Studio Rich Stain Resistant Velvet is a very high quality Italian Velvet.  It is 50% cotton and 50% polyester and has a built in nano tec stain guard which is the latest, excellent, stain repellent technology. 

It has the feel of a cotton velvet and the practicality of a synthetic velvet, with a Martindale rub test of 100,000 rubs, making it the perfect solution for those seeking a beautiful yet hardwearing fabric. 

We recommend dry cleaning where possible, however, this fabric can be machine washed at 30c.

Studio Stain Resistant Velvet

studio SRV

Composition:  100% Polyester

Our new Studio Stain Resistant Velvet is a beautiful, heavyweight, deep pile, Italian velvet.  It has the look and feel of a cotton velvet, but with the added benefit of a nano tec stainguard which is the latest, excellent, stain repellent technology. It is easy to wipe clean and very hardwearing, with a Martindale rub test of 100,000+.  

Livingetc Edit

Our new collection launched in collaboration with Livingetc features a carefully curated fabric selection.  Including sumptous velvets and leathers, as well as textured bouclé fabrics.

Artisan Weave

Composition:  40% Cotton, 20% Polyester, 16% Linen, 12% Viscose, 8% Wool, 4% Polyamide

Our brand new Artisan Weave fabric is a beautiful Italian Boucle fabric, now available in 4 colours.  It has a Martindale rub test of 20,000.


Composition:Leopard Bouclé: 25% Linen, 29% Polyester, 13% Viscose, 27% Acrylic, 6% Wool. Sea Foam Bouclé: 42% Wool, 25% Cotton, 25% Viscose, 8% Polyethylene.

Bouclé fabrics bring an irresistibly soft, textured feel to any furnishings. Embrace the rising trend of these exceptionally comfortable, warming fabrics with our curated range of different Bouclés. Their tactile, broad weaves beautifully compliment curved, organic shapes or add a welcome softness to more geometric pieces. With a selection of different styles and compositions to choose from, you're sure to find your perfect Bouclé.

Care Instructions: Fabric is dry clean only. We do not recommend spot cleaning. All fabrics fade overtime. To reduce natural fading, avoid positioning furnishing in direct sunlight. This is a delicate fabric by nature, characteristic slubs and pulls are to be expected.

Pressed Linen

Composition:  100% Linen

Our beautiful new Pressed Linen is milled in Belgium by a family run mill.  It is 100% linen, but has been treated with a stain repellent finish to protect against spillages.  It is available in 4 colours and has a Martindale rub count of 25,000.  

Studio Soft Linen Cotton

Studio SLC


Composition: 49% Viscose, 24% Cotton, 17% Linen, 10% Modal


Our very own, new, heavy weight, brushed, soft Linen Cotton. This lovely Italian fabric is full of character with a slightly vintage appearance. It ages beautifully but has a high degree of resistance (Martindale 50,000 - very high for a fabric of this type) plus stands up to sunlight very well. Further to this, it is washable at 30 degrees and has an inbuilt Teflon stain repellent finish.  

2LG Edit


The fabrics in our 2LG Collection have been specifically selected by the 2LG studio to offer a warm and contemporary colour palette.  This palette, a signature of their design work, is both classic and fresh, giving you the option of deep texture to accentuate the curves on the pieces in this collection, and lush, bold colour.  The range comprises stain resistant velvets and a beautiful black and white linen.  These fabrics are for exclusive use on the products in the 2LG collection and we are unable to use them to upholster our other products.

Kate Watson-Smyth Edit

Made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, the new Recycled Velvet is at the forefront of sustainability in upholstery velvets. A UK first, this velvet is fully Global Recycled Standard certified and meets the high OEKO-TEX standard, being 100% free from harmful substances. Woven using solar power energy, the Recycled Velvet transforms an otherwise wasteful substance into this unrecognisably beautiful fabric, all without any harmful chemicals. From it’s sustainable creation in Italy, to the durable, long lasting final product, the Recycled Velvet is the perfect eco-friendly option without compromise.
The Recycled Cotton is made from 80% offcuts from the fashion industry, saving hugely on wasted material, water usage and carbon emissions. Like the Recycled Velvet, this process is chemical free. Together, these fabrics begin Love Your Home’s ‘Sustainable Edit’, providing the highest quality fabrics in the most sustainable way possible.

Kid Mohair Velvet



Kid Mohair is making a big comeback and there is a reason for it - it is one of the most beautiful, durable and resilient fabrics on the market. Its ability to take dye exceptionally well ensures there are no limits with colour - and we at Love Your Home embrace colour in interiors.

Today Kid Mohair Velvet is considered one of the most eco-friendly fabrics due to its sustainability and this is just another reason why we, at Love Your Home are celebrating the brilliance of Kid Mohair.

House Fabric

house grey

Composition:  100% Polyester

We only have two colour options in our House Fabric range, but this does not stop it from being one of our most popular fabric ranges.

The House Fabric has the look and feel of wool, but is 100% man made which means that it is incredibly hard wearing (with a Martindale rub test of 80,000).  It also has a built in stain guard making it stain resistant.  It is easy to clean as you can wash your covers at 40 degrees and tailors very well.  On top of this it is our best value for money!

Spinningdale Broad Weave


Composition:  25% Cotton, 35% Viscose, 17% Wool, 18% Acrylic, 5% PE

This beautiful new fabric is milled in Belgium and is available in 4 colour ways.  Its composition is 25% cotton, 35% viscose, 17% wool, 18% acrylic and 5% PE.  It has a Martindale rub test result of 30,000 rubs and is dry clean only.  

Botanical Printed Velvet


Composition:  100% Polyester

We are so excited to introduce our striking new Botanical print velvet. This gorgeous print is exclusive to Love Your Home and comes in several different colour ways.  The fabric is 100% polyester which makes it a really practical choice - it is stain resistant and extremely durable, with a Martindale rub test of 100,000+.  The colours in each print have been chosen so that they tone in with the colours in our stain resistant velvet range, which makes mixing and matching easy.

House Linen Cotton

house linen cotton

Composition:  37% Viscose, 21% Cotton, 24% Polyester, 18% Linen

Our House Linen Cotton has a charming classic feel. It is made up of 37% viscose (a natural fibre,) 21% cotton, 24% polyester (which gives strength and durability to the fabric) and 18% linen.

The fabric has a lovely light sheen and looks particularly good on our more classic design such as the Chesterfields. The small weave on the House Linen Cotton means that it is very hard wearing and it has a 30,000 Martindale rub test. With regard to cleaning, removable covers will need to be dry-cleaned and should not be put in the washing machine. 

Pure Stain Resistant Linen

pure SRL

Composition:  100% Linen

This beautiful heavy weight linen is milled in Belgium by a family run linen mill.  Linen has a unique combination of properties; lasting durability, unrivalled comfort and rich colour absorption. The more it is used, the more beautifully it ages and gets a unique patina. It is highly absorbent, lint-free and non allergenic.  Linen starts life as flax, which is inherently ecological as it requires no irrigation and very little chemical treatment. Flax is biodegradable and is now commonly recycled. No other fibre can offer this unique blend of a truly natural product, with elegance and amazing comfort.  Our pure stain resistant linen is made of 100% linen and the yarn is treated with a stain repellent finish making it family friendly. Liquid substances will bead on the surface.  Martindale rub test – 30,000.  Light Fastness – 6/7 This is a pigment dyed fabric, therefore is one of the best with regards to minimal fading.  Care – Dry clean only, warm iron. If washed the stain resistant finish may start to degrade and the linen may shrink. Gently vacuum to freshen.

Beaulieu Leather

Beaulieu leather

Composition:  100% Leather

Our Beaulieu leather is a hard wearing, pigmented leather with a luxurious feel.  Created on top quality hides, its soft pliable surface is enough to make this your first choice of leather.  Pigmented leathers are made by applying a pigmented top coat to the tanned and dyed leather to form a continuous film that is uniform in terms of thickness and colour.  These products usually have the highest degree of protection and are usually the easiest to clean and care for.  Please note:  Samples are only representative of colour.  As leather hides are a natural product, colours may vary.  Batch samples available on request.

Brooklands Leather

brooklands leather

Composition:  100% Leather

Our Brooklands leather is a cracked, matte leather known as a pull up leather.  This type of leather is characterised by its soft wax finish which has a degree of mobility so that when tensioned, the contrasting base colour "pulls up".  The resulting cracked effect was the original distressed leather and when upholstered makes a unique piece, full of character.  The natural variance in colour and texture commom with pull-ups is reduced with the use of natural pigments to homogenize the finish as much as possible without compromising the character.  Please note:  Samples are only representative of colour.  As leather hides are a natural product, colours may vary.  Batch samples available on request.

Goodwood Leather

goodwood leather

Composition:  100% Leather

Premium hides are hand-picked for our brand new Goodwood leather collection and are sourced exclusively from British Oxen.  This quality of hide provides a luxurious leather with a higher class of comfort and a sublime feel.  The sophisticated colour palette introduces contemporary tones and some traditional lighter shades.  Please note:  Samples are only representative of colour.  As leather hides are a natural product, colours may vary.  Batch samples available on request.

The Gingham Edit

Composition: 100% Cotton. 
Gingham succeeds in being both welcomingly nostalgic and, yet, still contemporary in its bold graphics. This clean, monochrome check pattern, although impactful alone, pairs beautifully with block colours and coloured piping. Use Gingham to create a statement sofa, eye catching armchair or as in the finishing touch with some scatter cushions.  Our new Gingham edit comes in three sizes, small, medium and large, and two colours, a timeless black and a subtle cream. It has a Martindale rub test of 18,000.


Composition: 40% Linen, 28% Polyester, 22% Polyacryl, 10% Viscose
Classic herringbone design
Martindale rub test: 25,000


Composition: 100% cotton

Classic stripe design in a dense twill with a Martindale rub test of 18,000.

Mini stripe has a Martindale rub test of 31,000.

Stain Resistant Linen

Composition: 100% Linen
A beautiful linen with a stain resistant treatment applied to the yarn making it a family friendly fabric. 
Martindale rub test: 25,000

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