Choose The Best Leather For Your Sofa – And Get Free Fabric Samples 

Brown leather sofas have been a style statement for centuries. Records date back to ancient Egypt, when leather was used to upholster gilded chairs, and to ancient Greece, when the ‘first’ leather sofa was recorded in 7th century BC. Since then, of course, the elegant leather sofa has been restyled and redesigned many times over, from grandpa’s study centrepiece to mid-century modern chic. The grand Chesterfield sofa is one such iteration that has remained a timeless must-have piece of furniture with its lavish button detailing, scrolled arms and low back. 

Many of us have fond memories of a particular family leather sofa, with its rich woody smell and soft buttery texture. So if you’re looking to create some new memories of your own, read on to find top tips on choosing the best real leather and learn how to look after it.

What Is Leather And What Is It Made From?

Natural leather comes from the hide of an animal, most commonly the cow. The hide then goes through a series of processes, such as curing, trimming, tanning and dyeing, to make it suitable for upholstery. These manufacturing processes turn the leather into a soft, durable and versatile material that’s made to last. 

Where Do We Source Our Leather From?

All the leather we use at Love Your Home is real, quality leather that comes from cow hide. It’s ethically sourced in Italy as a by-product of the meat industry. Each piece has been finished to perfection, resulting in a hardwearing and long-lasting material that’ll outlast many man-made fabrics. What’s more, you can rest assured that our leather doesn’t release any microplastics into the environment, unlike some vegan leathers that are made from polyurethane (PU) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

Why Is Leather So Good For Sofa Upholstery? 

Leather doesn’t just smell good and feel homely, it looks great and can last a lifetime. Want to know why? Read on to find out:

  1. It’s durable: Real leather can withstand the general wear and tear of daily life. In fact, it is often more hardwearing than some other fabric options. 
  2. It’s long-lasting: If you look after your leather sofa well, it can last a lifetime. It’s like creating your own antique for future generations. What’s more, as some leather ages it develops a more characterful patina, filled with wrinkles and texture. 
  3. It’s allergen friendly: Unlike fabric upholstery, leather doesn't trap allergens between the fibres. This means that things like dust mites, pet fluff and pollen are less likely to stick around, making it a great option for people with allergies or asthma.
  4. It looks luxurious: There’s something very timeless and classic about a real brown leather sofa. It can instantly add a little ‘je ne sais quoi’ to a sitting room or study. 
  5. It’s comfy: There’s nothing quite like sinking into a deep leather sofa. A good quality leather is very breathable and soft – which makes it perfect for relaxing. 
  6. It’s colourful: Everyone knows that a traditional brown leather adds a touch of sophistication. But leathers also hold coloured dyes exceptionally well, which means you can add a bright pop of colour when you need it. 

How To Look After Leather 

Here are a few tips from our team to keep your leather looking lovely: 

- Keep it clean: The most important thing to think about when looking after your leather sofa is keeping it clean. The biggest enemy to leather upholstery is dirt. If dust and dirt build up, this will be rubbed into the leather as you use it, which will weaken the material and make it look grubby. To avoid any damage, the best thing to do is regularly whip out a hoover to vacuum up any particles or dust the leather with a cloth.

- Mop up spillages: All stains should be dealt with as soon as the tragedy happens. If you spill anything on your leather sofa, make sure to remove any excess liquid with a damp, lint-free cloth. Never use household cleaning products because anything with a solvent base will ruin the finish on the leather and make the mark a whole lot worse. Most stains should be removable if treated quickly and carefully. 

- Gently remove residual stains: For any bits that won’t budge, use a leather cleaning wipe for a gentle removal. Rub the wipe in a slow, circular motion. Again, never use any household detergents or cleaning products other than a damp cloth. 

Order Free Leather Swatches

You can see all our fabric samples online. However, some colours on screen may differ to the colours in real life, so we always recommend ordering our samples. You can request up to eight free fabric swatches to any UK address. Simply enter your details in the form online and wait for the delivery.

Take Your Pick From Our Love Your Home Leather Collections

So you have your heart set on leather? We get it. It’s simply divine on a sofa or armchair, adding a hint of nobility when you need it most. Here are a few of our favourite Love Your Home leathers. 

Beaulieu Leather 

This soft and supple leather comes in four rich colourways: Carbon, Ginger, Honey and Mist. These deep tones are a great way to add your own vintage-inspired take on interiors or make a room feel more cosy. The grain of this Beaulieu Leather has a very distinct pattern with peaks and valleys across the surface. So it’s important to keep the fabric clean to avoid dirt and dust building up in the impressions in the leather. Make sure to hoover regularly and see to any stains quickly with a damp cloth. 

- Composition: 100% leather 

- Hoover, dust and wipe with a cloth. 

Brooklands Leather  

Our Brooklands Leather has a delicate and smooth surface that’s soft to the touch. The appeal of this fabric in particular is that it picks up the busyness of everyday life on the surface as it gently ages. Ideal for a more rustic look. Plus, it comes in three deep tones – Russet, Saddle and Tan – and one bright, light blue Marine dye. As with all our leathers, vacuum the surface regularly and remove any stains with a damp cloth or a leather cleaning wipe. 

- Composition: 100% leather

- Hoover, dust and wipe with a cloth. 

Goodwood Leather 

This leather has a neat, dappled surface for a more pristine look for your leather sofa or armchair. This leather is available in four sophisticated muted tones: Cappuccino, Mink, Peacock and Powder. They go perfectly with a more modern sofa style. As we’ve mentioned before, make sure to look after your leather with regular hoovering and use a damp, clean cloth for stains.  

- Composition: 100% leather 

- Hoover, dust and wipe with a cloth.