Linen By Love Your Home: Plus, Free Fabric Samples 

Are you at home staring at a rather sorry looking sofa? Or are you browsing new furniture to jazz up a living room? Either way, we can help you choose the ideal material for that piece you have your heart set on. Linen is a brilliant, durable material that can withstand constant use and looks effortlessly stylish – so it’s perfect for every home. 

Scroll down for top tips on how to best look after a linen sofa and browse our full linen collections. Looking for a different material? Check out our other blogs on velvets and more.

Eliza in Stain Resistant Linen Fresco

Bloomsbury Armchair in Stain Resistant Linen Bay

What Is Linen And What Is Linen Made From?

Linen is a natural fabric made from flax plants. It’s a great choice, not only for you, but for the environment as it’s completely biodegradable, requires no irrigation and very little chemical treatment. Some of our linen fabrics are blended with other yarns, such as viscose, jute and cotton, all of which are biodegradable too. 

Where Do We Source Our Linen From?

We work meticulously across the design, colour palette and style of all our fabrics. Quality, affordability and durability are the three key characteristics we centre our practices on. All our fabrics are sourced directly from third-and-fourth generation European mills. And we work hard to ensure that materials are easy to care for, so that they can be enjoyed by busy households for many years. 

Why Is Linen A Good Fabric For Upholstery? 

Although we have many styles of linen, some of which are blended with other yarns, there are general properties that make it a fantastic choice for the furniture you use every day. Linen is often used for sofa fabric because it is: 

- Durable: linen is a strong fabric that can withstand a lot of wear and tear. We measure durability with the Martindale rub test, which calculates how hardwearing the material is. The perimeters for this test are: 10,000 to 15,000 for light and occasional use; 15,000 to 25,000 for general everyday domestic use; 25,000 - 30,000 for high levels of everyday use; and 30,000 or more for heavy duty use. 

- Easy to clean: if you act quickly, spillages and stains can be removed easily and with a simple detergent. Some linens can even be put in the washing machine. 

- Comfortable: linen is quite a cool material, which means it’s perfect for summer furniture. And in the winter you can add blankets, cushions and extra layers of warmth on top.

- Stylish: it’s a classic material and can be used across traditional and contemporary interior designs for a fresh, relaxed look.

Order Free Fabric Swatches

You can see all our fabric samples online. However, some colours on screen may differ to the colours in real life, so we always recommend ordering our samples. You can request up to eight free fabric swatches to any UK address. Simply enter your details in the form online and wait for the delivery. 

Eleanor Sofa Chaise in Stain Resistant Linen Fresco with Stain Resistant Linen Bay piping

Choose From These Love Your Home Linens 

Which one, which one? That’s a good question. We offer linen in different styles, colours and textures. Take a look at the ones we stock below and then order some free samples to help you decide. 

Vintage Linen

As the name suggests, this linen is designed to look rustic and relaxed. The textured finish and natural composition comes with slubs and beautiful irregularities, which add to the charm. It has a Martindale rub test result of 25,000, which makes it perfect for sofas and furniture that are in frequent use, such as in family rooms or for homes with pets. Plus, it can be machine washed at 30 degrees, which makes cleaning super easy. The material is a mix of viscose, linen, jute and cotton and comes in pastel blues, neutrals, greens, as well as a rich blue, black, yellow and merlot. It works well for both contemporary designs, like our Isaac Mid-century Armchair, or classic styles such as the Eliza Sofa. 

- Martindale rub test: 25,000

- Machine wash at 30 degrees 

- Composition: 43% viscose, 21% linen, 19% jute, 17% cotton

Stain Resistant Linen

Worried about those stains, marks or general wear and tear? We have the answer with this beautiful linen. Made from 100% linen, we apply a stain-resistant treatment to the yarn to keep it looking cleaner for longer. That means liquids will bead on the surface rather than sink in, making it much easier to dab clean any spillages. Not only that, but it also has a Martindale rub test of 25,000, which means it’s perfect for everyday use. It comes in delicate cream muted tones, including Biscotti, as well as rich greens and a dark terracotta. Try it out on some scatter cushions or go big with an irresistibly comfy Grace Corner Sofa. 

- Martindale rub test: 25,000

- Dry clean only

- Composition: 100% linen

Pressed Linen

Our Pressed Linen comes in three refreshing colours. A near-white Angora, a soft Green Grey and a Mid Grey. It looks great on contemporary pieces piled with scatter cushions and blankets for added accent colours. The material is 100% linen and milled in Belgium by a family run mill that we work very closely with. The material has a chunky weave and is perfect for everyday use, with a Martindale rub count of 25,000. 

- Martindale rub test: 25,000

- Dry clean only 

- Composition:  100% Linen

Jake Corner Chaise Sofa in Stain Resistant Linen Biscotti

Jude Sofa in Stain Resistant Linen, Bay