So, you already know that we make insanely comfortable sofas and ridiculously soft sofa beds. Handmade for you. But what if we told you that we’ve gone another step further and increased the cushioning, the padding and the soft edges? Allow us to introduce the cosy and elegant Eleanor Collection. The slender frame, plump cushions and contrasting piping make this a collection to covet.

What Makes The Eleanor Collection So Comfy?

The Eleanor Collection is a family of sofas that you’ll want to sink into. Our master craftspeople, lovingly sculpted the shape and style. Here’s how: 

- Slender arms: Thinner arms give you more room to sink into, with more room to play. 

- Deep seat: When we say ‘sink in’, we mean it. The deep cushion of feather and down is irresistible. An afternoon spent relaxing with friends or watching a new box set is so much better when you’re this comfy. 

- One-seat cushion: The one-seat cushion is a revelation. No stiff seams  The focus is on reclining with ease.   

- Large scatter cushions: Comfort is only comfort when it’s supported by giant scatter cushions. Sink into these feather and down pillows.

Handmade Fillings And Bespoke Joinery

At Love Your Home, we pride ourselves on creating big comfy couches. Our craftspeople work diligently in our workshop to chisel and tap pieces of FSC-certified wood into reliable, sturdy frames. And our Eleanor Collection is no exception. 

Our makers use traditional wrapped cells of feather and down for extra fluffiness. And the backrests have a mix of serpentine springs for sturdiness and foam upholstery for softness. The scatter cushions are made from feather and down filling as standard too.

Meet The Family

Looking for a sofa, chaise, loveseat or armchair? You’ve come to the right place. Our Eleanor Collection is waiting for you…

Eleanor Sofa

Some people might call the Eleanor Sofa ‘the comfiest sofa ever’. And we wouldn’t stop them. The Eleanor Sofa has been designed for extreme comfort, but also to look effortlessly chic and elegant.

It is designed with slender arms so that there's more space for lounging in the sofa's deep seat. While scatter cushions offer extra comfort and allow for plenty of room to recline. Practical as well as stylish this comfy contemporary sofa comes with loose covers and just one seat cushion to make it easy to clean and look after.

Eleanor Sofa, Eleanor Loveseat and Footstool

Eleanor Loveseat

In our personal opinion the humble loveseat doesn’t get enough love. The Eleanor Loveseat, for example, is beautifully compact, secretly sultry and incredibly comfortable. With just one large seat cushion it makes snuggling up together even easier. What’s more, you can take things up a notch with some contrasting piping to make a strong first impression.

Eleanor Loveseat in Studio Rich Stain Resistant Velvet, Mink piped with Stain Resistant Linen, Fresco

Eleanor Loveseat in Studio Rich Stain Resistant Velvet, Mink piped with Stain Resistant Linen, Fresco

Eleanor Sofa With Chaise

Not enough space to lie down, you say? Well, you can stretch out, sprawl and slip into a heady slumber on the extra chaise that comes with this Eleanor Sofa. The extra chaise comes with one long seat cushion, just like the main sofa. Which means there’s uninterrupted space to rest your weary feet after a long day or gather a gaggle of friends over a few bottles of wine.

Eleanor Chaise Sofa in Stain Resistant Linen, Fresco piped in Studi Rich Stain Resistant Velvet, Sage

Eleanor Armchair

Sit pretty in the Eleanor Armhair. If there was ever a sofa made for the cliché of reading a book in a cosy nook, this would be it. With added scatter cushions, it’s almost impossible to resist. The same slender arms, cushioned seat and minimalist look make this a classic for any room.

Eleanor Footstool

Why not go full throttle and add the Eleanor Footstool to your own comfy sofa collection? With the same deep cushion as the rest of the collection, this footstool is more about resting your feet than styling it out with books and candles. It also doubles up as a handy extra seat when you have lots of guests to stay. We hope you enjoy snuggling into this comfy collection of sofas as much as us. You can find all the different styles for the Eleanor Sofa, Loveseat, Sofa With Chaise, Armchair and Footstool on our website.

Eleanor Armchair in Herringbone, Neutral piped in Studio Rich Stain Resistant Velvet, Mink

Eleanor Armchair in Herringbone, Neutral piped in Studio Rich Stain Resistant Velvet, Mink