Ottoman Footstools: Storage & Comfort Combined

At Love Your Home, we think ottoman footstools are a charming and handy addition to any home. Not only is an ottoman footstool comfortable and full of charm, but it’s incredibly practical too. The extra storage and seating can be a seriously useful hack for any home. We will take you through the history of ottoman footstools, show you how to find the best, and introduce you to some of our favourites.

From Empire to Envy: The History of Ottoman Footstools

An ottoman footstool is one of the most elegant and versatile pieces of furniture you can incorporate into your living room. But do you know the origin and significance of this name and what makes it so unique? Let us enlighten you with its fascinating history.

The word Ottoman derives from the Ottoman Empire, a formidable and influential power that dominated over six centuries and three continents. In Ottoman culture, the ottoman was a low, padded seat often used as a footrest or a coffee table. It also symbolised luxury and refinement, as only the affluent and noble could afford such furniture.

Today, you can appreciate the charm and utility of an ottoman footstool in your own home. It’s an excellent way to add extra seating, storage and style to your living room. You can use it to rest your feet after a long day, store your magazines, books or blankets, offer your guests a seat, or complement a sofa and armchair. What’s more, our footstools come in leather, velvet or fabric to suit all tastes.

How to Use Ottoman Footstools to Enhance Your Space

Grace Corner Sofa In Studio Stain Resistant Velvet, Leaf and Winnie Storage Ottoman In Tobias & The Angel Coral, Squid Ink

Ottoman footstools are the ultimate multitaskers. They can add extra comfort or a different texture to a living room or some handy storage for a bedroom. You can use an ottoman footstool with storage in many ways - a footrest for your armchair, additional seating for those big family events, or even as a coffee table with a tray on top. And if you want to move it around quickly, an ottoman stool with castors is the ideal option - just roll it wherever you need it. They also look great at the foot of a bed, as a cute storage solution in a child’s bedroom or under a window as a snug reading spot.

Here are some extra tips on styling and placing ottoman footstools:

- How far should an ottoman be from a sofa? The ideal distance of an ottoman from a sofa should be 30 inches. This way, you will have enough space to walk around without bumping or stumbling. Plus, 30 inches distance is close enough to the sofa so you can use both pieces of furniture comfortably.

- Where should you use an ottoman? Ottoman stools are usually found in living rooms and are often put in front or next to the main seating area. But they can also serve as extra seating near or by the side of your main sofa set, as a footrest with a paired chair or sofa, or beside the sofa as a side table.

- Should an ottoman be higher or lower than a sofa? The height of an ottoman depends on preference and comfort. A general rule is that an ottoman should be lower than a sofa by a few inches. This way, you can rest your feet comfortably on the ottoman without straining your legs. A lower ottoman creates a balanced and harmonious look in your living room.

- What size should an ottoman be? To measure a footstool, consider two dimensions: length and width. The length and width should match or be smaller than the seat of your sofa.

Jude Sofa In Stain Resistant Linen, Bay

Aubrey Footstool In Tobias & The Angel Coral, Oatmeal

Our Ottoman Footstools

We have a range of footstools, including ottomans, that you can choose from, depending on your taste and preference. You can also customise the size of your ottoman footstool with our bespoke sizing service to get the perfect fit for your home. Here are two ottoman footstools that we think you’ll love:

- The Winnie Storage Ottoman: This ottoman has a simple and elegant design, with a smooth top and a beechwood frame. It measures 90 cm by 90 cm by 42 cm and comes in various fabrics and colours. It is ideal for the bedroom or soft storage seating in a corner.

- The Winston Storage Ottoman: This ottoman has classic, sophisticated design, with a buttoned top and a beechwood frame. It also measures 90 cm by 90 cm by 42 cm and comes in various fabrics and colours. It is perfect for adding charm and character to any room and matches our Isabella Buttoned Headboard or our Clementine and Charlotte sofas.

Both of these luxury ottomans with storage are made with high-quality materials and craftsmanship, and come with a lifetime frame guarantee. They are also eco-friendly, as we use recycled plastic for packaging and plant trees in the UK to offset our carbon footprint.

We hope you enjoyed this post and learned something new about ottoman footstools. They are versatile and stylish furniture pieces that can transform any space. To see our entire collection of footstools, click here.

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