Everybody knows that modern sofas are an investment. Not only do you normally have to part with a substantial amount of money, but you’re also choosing a piece of furniture that will be the centrepiece to your home. That’s why many people are on the hunt for a timeless design and a timeless style that’s going to last. 

At Love Your Home, we’re dedicated to creating ‘lifetime furniture’ or quality sofas that are made for everyday living, whether they spend their years being bounced on by children, cuddled up to by pets or enjoyed by friends.

We use the best sofa design to produce robust, quality sofas and place enormous importance on the provenance and quality of our materials. Our frames are made with sustainably-produced beechwood and our fabrics are sourced directly from third- and fourth-generation European mills. Not only that, our luxury sofas are set at affordable prices. This kind of creative thinking turns modern sofas into heirlooms that can be moved from home to home or passed down to future generations. 

But how do you know how to invest in a sofa that will stand the test of time? We’re here to help.

How Long Should A Sofa Last

The Eleanor Collection

How long does a sofa last? How long is a piece of string? Across the board, different modern sofas will have different limits. The likelihood is that if you buy a flat-pack sofa, it won’t see the light of day beyond a few years. But if you invest in handmade, quality sofas, they’re going to stand the test of time

So, what is the average lifespan of a sofa? Research shows that sofas normally last around seven to 15 years, but that’s taking into account all of the types we just mentioned. However, you can help them last longer with a few easy tips to keep in mind when you’re purchasing. From choosing loose covers to finding the right frame and fillings, read on to find out more. 

Choose a Well-Made Sofa

The Ottilie Chaise Corner Sofa in Herringbone, Neutral

Fabrics Shown: Herringbone, Neutral, Mohair Velvet, Ochre, Tobias & The Angel Coral, Oatmeal

Choosing a sofa that’s expertly made is difficult if you don’t know what to look for. Try out this handy checklist to help you pick the right one.

Springs –With well-made sofas, springs should be close together and firm. When you sit down on a sofa it shouldn’t creak or feel flimsy. At Love Your Home, we use serpentine springs that are supported by soft foam upholstery, designed to bring the utmost comfort.

Filling – Next up: sofa materials. What’s being used to fill up your sofa cushions? There are a variety of stuffings that can be used, such as polyurethane and polyester fibre, which can often break down quickly and cause sagging if they’re not very good quality. Alternatively, you can get goose and duck feather fillings, which offer the best comfort but can sometimes clump together. At Love Your Home, we use a mixture of foam and feather. Our sofas are handmade with a foam pad that’s wrapped in clever cells of feather and down to make the shape last as long as possible.

Joinery – The joints in a quality sofa should be glued, dowelled and screwed. Staples and nails can be used for extra reinforcement, but should never be the thing that solely holds a sofa together.

Strong Frames - The frame is the thing that keeps a sofa together, so it’s worth investing time to see if you can get a good one. Hardwood is usually the best option and includes everything from oak to ash and beechwood, which is what we use at Love Your Home and is certified by the FSC. Hardwoods tend to retain their shape over a long period of time. Softwood on the other hand may bend or break easily, and plywood and particleboard are the weakest of them all. A great way to test the frame is by raising one front corner of the sofa off the floor; if the other front leg hasn’t risen after you’ve raised it about 15 cm, it’s too weak.

Choose a Timeless Sofa

The Eliza Sofa in Studio Rich Stain Resistant Velvet, Sage

The Florence Sofa in Small Stripe, Sage

Okay so, the behind-the-scenes bit is covered, but what about the style you’re going to be staring at? If you’re looking for a piece that’s going to last different seasons, moods and houses, it’s best to opt for a traditional sofa. Why? Trends come and go – so if you opt for extreme Art Deco one year, and then it’s all the rage for 90s plastic inflatable sofas the next, you might regret your purchase. 

Keep it old school - it’s best to stick with a classic, timeless sofa and then you can modernise and add character with accessories. We have a whole host of inspiration from classic Chesterfields to chaise longues, love seats and family-style sofas. A design that has a more antique or vintage style will never feel outdated, because you can use it as an heirloom piece alongside other modern designs. 

Made to measure - while you’re shopping, remember to make sure the style is made for you and the people you live with. Do you have a family of four that needs to fit on it? Or is it always going to be for a single person to relax in? When you have that in mind, it will help narrow the choice for size and style. Make sure to measure it properly too – you can read our measuring tips in a recent blog here.

Choose The Right Fabric and Colour

Tobias & The Angel Coral, Oatmeal and Tobias & The Angel Coral, Mustard Fabrics

House Linen, Linen Fabric

Next on the list: fabric choices for your sofa. Shopping for the right material and pattern can be overwhelming, but here are five things to think about that will make the process that much easier.

Different natural fabrics – Sofas are there for everything. The wine spills, the dirty shoes, the muddy dogs, the grubby children – so they need a durable fabric. Natural fibres like cotton, linen, wool, velvet and leather all have their pros and cons. Linen for example feels great to sit on but can also crease easily, while leather is highly durable but can also be more expensive. It’s about finding the right one for you.

Loose covers for an easy clean – Loose covers are always a winner if you think your luxury sofas are going to see more action than most, as you can whip them off and bundle them into the washing machine.

Colours and patterns that are right for you – Wondering how to choose sofa fabric? Then, make sure you’re not choosing a particular shade or pattern that’s on trend. For something that lasts a long time, try and choose a key colour that blends in with your room. Alternatively, neutral colours like grey, brown, cream or stone will work with most colour schemes, which is always useful if you’re going to move the sofa into different settings and rooms.

Upholster and reupholster – the best thing about sofas, though, is that you can upholster them at any time. A bold bright red piped detail or a new crazy pattern on a sofa can transform a room. And you can do it at any time without throwing out the sofa.

Experiment with free samples – At Love Your Home, we offer a free colour swatch so you can test out all of the fabrics you’re interested in. Try placing the fabric sample in the spot that the sofa will go and see how it looks in natural or artificial light to see if you like it.

A Sofa's For Life Not Just For Fun

A sofa is the kind of investment that needs to be thought about properly. After all, you don’t want to end up with a lumpy piece of furniture that doesn’t match anything, do you? At Love Your Home, we’re all about quality sofas that are made to last. So get in touch with us if you’re stuck on where to start.

The Grace Corner Sofa with Chaise in Studio Stain Resistant Velvet, Leaf