Hepworth Bed

1. Improve Concentration & Productivity

Sleep is important for various aspects of brain function including cognition, concentration, productivity and performance.

Hepworth Bed and mattress

2. Improves Your Immune Function

Getting at least 8 hours sleep can improve your immune function keeping your mind and body healthy. 

Hepworth bed

3. Aids Weight Loss

Poor sleep affects the hormones that regulate appitite which can affect your weight. 

Hepworth Bed detail

4. Keeps Your Heart Healthy

It is important to get a good nights sleep to regulate your insuline which is responsible for blood sugar levels.

Hepworth Bed

Our Top Products To Improve Sleep

top sleep products

1. Spacemask - Intersteller Relaxtion Mask

2. Neom - Pillow Mist

3.Pukka - Night Time Tea

4. BetterYou - Magnesium Sleep Lotion