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  1. Inspirational Looks for Your Home

    My last blog talked about how to go about starting to design a room and that inspiration can come from anything be it a picture, rug or plant.  This starting point forms the basis of your room design and sofas and beds are the easiest way to bring in both colour and texture.

    Here you can see how the shades and tones of these elegant delicate roses could be the starting point for your colour scheme. The velvety and smooth texture of the petals can be reflected in the buttoning of the sofa. The bold use of this majestic colour and tonal cushions and footstool makes it ideal for a formal, elegant sitting room be it contemporary or traditional.

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  2. First steps in choosing a family sofa

    I spend a huge amount of time thinking about what our customers want and suddenly realised today in the car that I start at the inspiration phase because of my background in magazines. 

    So this is great if you already know what you like and what you want, and also more importantly if your partner agrees with all your choices! But for those of you who are unsure, an understanding of where to begin is important because you want the final result to look good and last, especially with the amazing selection of fabric choices available today

    So I have gone back to basics and laid out some steps for you to work through, and help you get to the inspiration starting point.

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  3. Cool Linen Looks

    Linen is on trend right now but with its timeless elegance it will outlast the latest craze – it’s a look that will last forever.

    This natural fabric is durable, versatile and looks beautiful for a long time as it hardly pills and is very hardwearing. Using linen on furniture makes it tactile, but also gives a visual texture. Linens vary dramatically based on the warp and weft and also in the way they are treated after weaving. So whether you like a clean crisp look or a slubby rustic feel, linen is perfect for either. 

    Our customers are often nervous when it comes to linen, in particular, with light colours as they are concerned about the durability. always we have thought of everything and have a beautiful family (and pet) friendly clever fabric that is stain resistant. So no excuse not to feel totally inspired by linen.....

    Create cool summer looks using natural tones of linen with white crisp bed linen or chalky palettes creating a soft relaxing atmosphere. Linen is the perfect choice for creating a calm and airy feeling room.

    Sophie Loose Cover Bed

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  4. The Layered Bedroom

    Whether your bedroom is large with an en-suite bathroom, sauna, walk-in wardrobe or a cosy box room; a bedroom is your nest and the place you go to rest, relax and rejuvenate. Your bedroom is the last thing you see before you sleep and the first thing when you wake.

    It is important for this space to feel individual, but most of all it's important that it feels calm, so when you wake your ready to face the day.

    So the discussion here is how to create a cosy, nest filled space with personality, but still conducive to sleeping.

    I have put together 3 styles that you can take inspiration from and make them work for you and your space.

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  5. Tiled interior

    While working on a future blog about tiles, I came across this wonderful home belonging to Terry de Gunzburg, the queen of makeup brand, by Terry.

    The house was featured in June 17 issue of Elle Decoration Fr. Terry together with husband Jean de Gunzburg, and gallery owner Pierre Passebon, has spent the past 20 years collecting and curating this incredible family home.

    A truly inspiring house and proof, if you ever needed it, that surrounding yourself in what you love really does work.

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  6. Decorating with pink

    Pink has really become a staple in the interior designers colour pallet. Gone are the memories of peach walls with chintz curtains in a circa 1980s guest room.

    The pink we have fallen in love with is crisp clean and brave. It’s a choice not an op-out.

    It's warmer than white but softer than grey. Once you get into pink, it's quite hard to remember how you managed with out it.

    Here are some of my favorite ways to use pink .

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  7. Small Space Living

    No matter what size your living space is, you undoubtedly will have a wall hook, back of chair or tiny sliver of floor space that gets repeatedly covered in clutter. If, like me, you are a serial outfit changer, that precious space soon gets piled high!

    In small bedrooms and living spaces this kind of mess can really start to drive you crazy! However, there are solutions for even the smallest of spaces. The way you choose furnishings and arrange them can really help to combat the feeling of a messy cluttered space. I have put together 5 tips to help you make the most of your space.

    Josephine Bed

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  8. The Best Sofa Beds

    When Leigh and I started Love Your Home, our focus was to provide exceptionally good design and high quality manufacture to real homes. We are constantly looking at the way our customers live and how our designs can make the best use of the space in their homes.

    Sofa bed design was an area we looked at early on. The market is full of ugly uncomfortable sofa beds. Historically housing a bed in a sofa would result in a bulky sofa and a lumpy hard bed. We looked at every element of the sofa and tackled the bad points and created a true hybrid.

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  9. Pod and Pip

    Here at Love Your Home we are dedicated Instagramers! One feed that kept popping up was Pod and Pip. We have been lucky enough to chat with Sarah the owner.


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  10. Little Greene


    Above: Mid Azure Green 96 & Royal Navy 257

    The much anticipated, Little Greene colour card has been unveiled!

    Colour is so important to us at love-your-home. Our customers are a brave lot, gravitating towards turmeric and teal over the more traditional beige and neutral. Our customers love colour but need the designs to be timeless. They want it to feel contemporary, but not too trendy that it dates quickly.  We often direct our customers towards heritage colours, like burnt orange or forest green. Timeless colours that can be updated and accented with new colour accessories.

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