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  1. Hilary&Flo Q&A

    One of our recent customers was Interiors blogger and homewares shop owner Shelley Carline or better know as Hilary&Flo on Instagram. We thought we would ask her a few questions about her interior style, influences and trend predictions. 

    hilary&Flo Jake Sofa

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  2. Beat the winter blues

    Blue is a colour that never goes out of fashion, it just evolves. From the 90s colbolt blue to the early naughtys duck egg, it’s a colour we feel comfortable with.

    Above: Ottilie Loveseat.

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  3. An Early Nod to christmas

    Below are some of my favorite festive fireplace inspiration. Check out our Pinterest to see these and more.

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  4. Get your home Netflix ready

    Last night we lit the fire for the first time since March, a sure sign that winter is truly on its way, with a pang of excitement I snuggled under my blanket, and reached for Netflix!

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  5. Get organised for the holidays

    I know it's early to start using the ‘C’ word, but Christmas is just around the corner. For those of you hosting Christmas this year – as I am sure you are aware, there is more to think about than just the presents.

    This time of year in our house becomes a time for clearing and editing to make way for the celebrations. I prepare for the incoming toys and gadgets, by editing the dated, broken and out grown toys.  By organizing now I can just about create a clear head later.

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  6. Early Autumn Vases

    Autumn Vase Inspiration

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  7. Bed Fellows

    Bed Fellows

    Bedrooms are more than just a place to sleep, they are a sanctuary, a space that should feel calm and tranquil. Seating in the master bedroom needs to be considered carefully, to avoid the bed becoming the only place to sit.

     'You might think you only have room for a simple ottoman or storage box, but measure your floor space,

    you might be surprised to discover a simple upholstered bench, takes up no more space, than a blanket box but adds much more. '

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  8. Our Love Affair with Teal

    I would like to begin this blog with a little confession. I am a colour addict and spend most of my time either thinking, talking or writing a blog about colour, so I can’t promise this will be my last colour inspired blog.

    When we launched our mohair range nearly two years ago, I was adamant that we would include a teal and the colour we eventually settled on (after many lab dips) was our Peacock Mohair Velvet.

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  9. From Summer to Autumn

    As with our wardrobes, sometimes our homes struggle as the seasons change. Currently, the battle with whether the heating should be on or off is Real.

    However, our furnishings should not be ignored as they can transform the feel of the room. A fur throw and a velvet cushion can make a room, that in the summer was cool and breezy, transformed into a space that is cosy, warm and an area that invites you to snuggle.

    Florence Corner Chaise Sofa

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  10. Our New Collection

    My blog this week is an introduction to our new collection. For this collection we have focused on the most popular designs within our core range.

    For those of you who don’t know, we offer a bespoke service that allows our customers to make our core range ‘ their own’ by adjusting dimensions such as arm height, comfort level, or simply a different leg option.

    Grace Sofa

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