Whether your bedroom is large with an en-suite bathroom, sauna, walk-in wardrobe or a cosy box room; a bedroom is your nest and the place you go to rest, relax and rejuvenate. Your bedroom is the last thing you see before you sleep and the first thing when you wake.

It is important for this space to feel individual, but most of all it's important that it feels calm, so when you wake your ready to face the day.

So the discussion here is how to create a cosy, nest filled space with personality, but still conducive to sleeping.

I have put together 3 styles that you can take inspiration from and make them work for you and your space.

#1 Texture

Textures along with smell are such an important part of sleep, when our eyes are closed these senses are heightened. Buy the best quality bedding you can afford and really take the time to think what textures you find most relaxing. Consider the warmth of brushed cotton, cool crisp cotton, or smooth silk. Think about other textures as you move around your space, the cold switch on your bedside lamp, before you sleep. The warm sheepskin under your feet the first thing you touch, on the way to your morning coffee. Although these are small things, they all come together and affect the way you start a new day.


Once you have attuned your senses and know the textures that are right for you and your sleep, think about the tone. Many people find a simple tonal palette the most calming in their bedroom, with earth tones and greys being the most popular amongst our customers. Choose a palette of 3 main tonal colours and 1 that slightly 'pops'. The visual represents 3 soft blue green colours with moss acting as the 'pop' accent colour (see image above). I find one deeper tone stops a clean tonal palette from becoming cold. 

#Colour clash

Statistics show that those of you who find colour inspiring tend to wake up and hit the ground running. A great way to ground colour clash, is to keep the main components of the room in the same tone, so the floor, walls and bed remain in the same tone and are your foundation to layer your colours on top. Start moving through your colour palette beginning with larger items one at a time, bed covers and rug, side table and throw, getting more 'clashing' until you reach the small items and cushions, which can be quite crazy! This way you will keep the room calm but still colourful.

One of the easiest way to introduce colour to a neutral bedroom is through furniture. Mohair Velvet Rose has become our leading best selling fabric on our Madison. The Madison bench and chair is the perfect addition to a bedroom and can be used as a stand alone, end of bed or dressing table.