In last weeks blog I mentioned our summer house, we mostly use it as guest accommodation, for those less child friendly, relatives who need a little quiet space!

I love to retreat outside with my laptop to, write or read. There really is something wonderful about, just knowing, there’s a space were I can be completely quiet away from they chaos of family life . 

We all lead busy lives juggling work and parenting. The summer holidays are always a busy time of juggling, work, children and holiday activity’s.

A little garden hideaway  as a escape, eather for yourself to find some solitude,  or for children to create an be inspired.

So……..whether you are planning a garden build or just fantasizing about  a space, to find some piece. I have found some incredible spaces, to inspire you to create

Glass House

The first space by architect Ville Hara founder of Avanto Architectsand designer Linda Bergroth is both practical and completely stunning! This design was launched in 2010 to combine both green house and shed kit for the gardening market.  Bergroth loved it so much she adaped the prototype to create her won summer house. There is so much inspiration to be taken from this space it is a perfect balance of practicality and indulgence.  

His and Hers

My 2nd shed takes its inspiration from the recent rise in the ‘She’ shed.  We know historically that men love to escape to the man shed, the modern equivalent to the cave! But the recent rise of the she shed shows us women also need a cave!

Artimis Russell the name behind the blog Junkaholic and  designer for Rust a jewlery company she runs with her husband Neo, who works in the adjacent shed (to view Nao's studio click HERE )

Unbeleavably Artimis uses this 4ft x 6ft shed to do all her designing, sewing, kniting  and to wrie her blog.

I love this space it is the best of the shelf shed work space shed conversion. It is simple, and compleatly attainable.

The litte house 

The 3rd is a perfect space for children to create and express themselves, a perfect mini house, fully dressed in bright retro colours. I know me Daughter would be completely in love with this play house...and for me, what better excuse to indulge my love of retro kitchen equipment. Enjoy.....