In case you hadn't noticed, the sun is out and the wintry chill is lifting! The countryside around our Surrey showoom looks fantastic, so what better time to make an excuse for a proper walk, superb pub food and a look at some great new sofa designs? Here are our reccomendations for what to do if you're lucky enough to find yourself in Surrey this spring.

 As you might have seen from LYHFL’s pages online, we can’t wait to get outside and enjoy this new spring sunshine. We at the showroom are lucky enough to be around some of the most beautiful countryside in Southern England, but we still want to share! We thought we’d give you a couple of our favourite walks to try out when you find yourself around our Showroom near Godalming, Surrey:


Hydon’s Ball is a personal favourite of ours here at LYHFL, the details, facilities and route of the popular Octavia Hill Trail can be found on the National Trust Website at this link:


On this note, an ideal pub lunch that is very close to the Hydon’s Ball walk can be found at the Merry Harriers, a critically acclaimed pub in the village of Hambledon. They offer a great lunch; locally sourced food and real ale; and … llamas! Take a look at their website to find out more:


For Families, a memorable but exhausting day out is the Alice Holt Woodland Park, offering Walks, Food, Cycle Routes and the Habitat Trail for Kids. There is a comprehensive guide and review of this particular park at the Day Out With The Kids website:


The Milford and Witley Commons trail is a National Trust property that offers some amazing scenery in a very quick walk that is just down the road from the Love Your Home For Less showroom. There are details for location and car parking at this address:


Finally, what better way to end a day out in the stunning Surrey countryside than a proper pub meal? The Stag On The River is very nearby and comes with our guarantee of great pub fare! Their very stylish (even by our standards) website can be found here: