I completely love the Koko Klim textiles. They use only 100% natural materials. The photography is beautiful, and so inspiring. Above is an image from the CABO range. 

I couldn’t resist putting together a few of my favorite wooden pieces, together with stockists. I hope it inspires you to add a little texture. Watch this space for more detailed information on work by Koko Klim.


1 Legno Vivi table, Completely natural with Zero Impact on the environment. Available from Riva 1920

2 Kami Mug , from: Suchandsuch

3 Kami Plate, Available from: asahikawa woodworking

4 Natural Coconut Utencils , Available from: Norm Living

5 Primary clock  By David Weatherhead and Good Available from : www.thorstenvanelten.com

6 Feb 31st In Collaboration with Riva 1920, Available From Riva 1920

7 Kami Mug , Part of the Kami Range Available from: Native and Co