The quality’s in each texture (above) are accentuated by the material next to it.

I am a material girl! I love texture, but most of all I like textures that are unexpected. Where you have rough you must have smooth, matt textures need metallic and leather needs wool. 

In our latest shoot I have fully indulged my passion for texture and in particular, texture within a natural pallet .

Or new Ottilie is upholstered in leather, which has a wonderful smooth texture, although available with many leg options I feel the texture of the leather can only be fully appreciated with the raw matt texture of the natural Oak legs. I believe it is part of our programing as humans, we are constantly, unconsciously comparing and contrasting, within our environment to create a picture and understanding of the space. These subtle cues, help us to navigate the space and feel comfortable.

 Our customers are often concerned, when buying 2 or more pieces, whether they should match with existing furniture, carpet etc. (Below) jemima is a warm in texture and


My rule would always be to think about the textures in a room, do they complement eachother? especially if you are using a natural or tonal pallet. Think about how you room is going to feel, not just how it will look.