Our objective for this exciting collaboration was to create authentic designs that are distinct both from our other products and also from those in the market generally.

In looking at the overall collection, the contrast of the angles and intricacy of the Howie chair, with the organically curved Hepworth is the key to its fresh and modern energy. Whilst the forms are sympathetic, they do not repeat exactly the same design cues. When placed together, they therefore give the feeling that they have been individually selected and expertly curated by the buyer rather than purchased as a set.



The Hepworth designs deliver a strong contemporary energy which interact well both with lifestytles and the homes in which they will sit.  Starting with a simple fluid and organic outline, refinements were made by modelling the sofa in clay before manufacture.  We could therefore see and feel it in a full 360 degrees and get a tangible perspective of the finished product.  This tactile design approach is very evident in the finished shape.



The Howie chair was created by drawing on authentic mid century styles, but taking them forward and evolving them into their own new and unique form.  Whilst paying homage to elements of classic designs, the finished product is understated but distinct.  The combination of solid oak detailing alongside leather, firmly grounds the piece and gives it a handcrafted, artisan aesthetic.  It can therefore compliment and update the energy of treasured older pieces it may be located next to, rather than fighting with them as much contemporary furniture does.