With the right outlook, planning and a little bit of research, finding and purchasing the right corner sofa needn't be a potential disaster.

There are many things to consider when choosing the right corner sofa for your home. Too many people impulsive buy without thinking it through, resulting in a sofa that doesn't work, is uncomfortable, an eyesore and expensive, or at worst, is all of these. With the right outlook, planning and a little bit of research, finding and purchasing the right corner sofa needn't be a potential disaster.

Start with, what are you really looking for? Do you want a cool, modern corner sofa? If so, be careful as some modern sofas can be uncomfortable and they are more about the look, but, there are a number of companies who offer contemporary sofa designs that also offer good comfort levels as well as modern looks. Also, many of the designer sofa brands out there can cost a small fortune - it's no longer necessary to go for that top Italian design house as there are independent brands out there that offer very good designs at attractive prices, with excellent quality and still made in Europe. If looking for a more traditional corner sofa, be careful as many can be a little frumpy, staid and can make your interior space look drab.

Choosing the right size corner sofa for your room is the next consideration. Too small a sofa in your available space can look lost, equally, too large a sofa and your space could look cramped. Think about the balanced use of your living space - is it a family room for watching television, or is it for entertaining? Do you need another sofa or armchairs to balance the seating options? Based on your requirements, choose a corner sofa with the right size volumes that balance with your requirements i.e. if the use is mainly a family room, go for a sofa that is large enough to seat the family comfortably, allowing for feet up positions - after all, the sofa, before bed, is where we do spend a lot of our time.

Think about the fabric or leather colour for your corner sofa - leather is a good option for heavy use family sofas as many leathers can be wiped down with a damp cloth. The down side is, quality leather sofas can cost 40% more than their fabric sofa equivalent. There are many excellent quality fabrics now available on the market, at reasonable prices. If you need a hard wearing fabric for your family sofa, think about a multi coloured woven fabric as these do not show marks as much as a plain fabric. Think about the colour scheme - it's often best, to go for a natural colour and then jazz the sofa up with bright coloured scatter cushions. The great thing about scatter cushions, change them as the seasons or your mood changes, they instantly freshen up the sofa.

Here’s' to finding your perfect corner sofa, visualise the end result, with you sitting down with friends or family with a tea or glass of wine in hand!