Autumn is my favourite time of year. Living in the country, I am of course, subconsciously, inspired by nature and its changing seasons. But at this time of year I find myself obsessively drawn, to the incredible sculptural forms of dried seed pods from poppy’s, dry allium heads and fennel. Even our wild sweet pea has a faded to a beautiful paper-like garland. I an constantly stopping the car to rescue Teasel or Gathering bundles of  Cow parsley, tying them together with string or arranging them in vases. They are so fragile, I want to protect these small mementos of summer from the onslaught of winter. I found the image above, during the height of summer, when the garden was in full bloom. Even in the heat of July, sitting in my flip-flops, I had a pang of excitement thinking of the season to come, and the hidden treasures of autumn.