Struggling to get a good night’s sleep this summer? These five top tips will have you snoozing in no time. 

Let’s do the one thing that British people do best – and talk about the weather. We know you’ve probably heard enough, but we’re here to help. We can’t install air conditioning for you or a pool, but we can impart some sound advice on how to sleep better during hot weather spells with these nifty pointers.

Sleeping in hot weather

1. Find the right luxury mattress 

Research shows that buying a new medium-firm mattress can not only help you get better sleep, but it also alleviates backpain and stress. For all that tossing and turning you might be doing under your fan, one simple solution could be to update your mattress.  

Our handmade, quality collection of British mattresses will certainly help with a good slumber. We make pocket-sprung mattresses, with hundreds of individually encased springs, to provide maximum comfort. What’s more, you can try out the different tensions of mattress at our showroom to find the one that suits you best.  

 Trixabelle bed

Trixabelle Bed

Each one of our luxury mattresses (which come in single, double, king, euro king and super king sizes) is upholstered using natural fillings including bamboo and wool and is encased by rows of hand stitched borders. We put the upmost love into making sure they’re the best quality so you can rest comfortably.  


2. Keep your room decluttered with a stylish storage bed 

 They say that a tidy house equals a tidy mind. A quick spring clean can help alleviate the muggy hot mess in your room that’s keeping you awake. Stacking your possessions into cupboards, a chest of drawers or a wardrobe is a good start, but you might need additional storage too. 

Sophie Storage Bed

Sophie Storage Bed

We have storage beds that combine sleep-inducing comfort with incredible functionality. For example, our Sophie Loose Cover Storage Bed has hidden storage to tidy up spare bedding, suitcases or any other clutter, so you can sleep in comfort. Plus, the gas lifts on the bed make it super easy to open and close, and the storage space holds up to 80 kilos (the weight of a new-born elephant, if you’re wondering). You can also upholster your bed in a range of leathers and fabrics to match your room.  


3. Invest in a comfy sofa bed 

 There’s nothing worse than when you visit someone’s home and you have to sleep on a sloping sofa bed with springs poking out of it. If that happens, send them our way. To complement our range of sofas we have nine luxury sofa beds to choose from, and a firm favourite is the Earl Grey Corner Sofa Bed Chaise. This sumptuous piece can turn any room into a fancy boudoir within seconds. Inside there is a cleverly concealed double bed with a proper coil-sprung mattress that’s comfy enough to sleep on, night after night. 

Earl Grey Corner Sofa Bed with Chaise

Earl Grey Corner Sofa Bed with Chaise


4. Choose cool colours 

 When the sun is beating down, cool colours can help reduce the pressure. Try to choose fabric colours that make you feel relaxed come bedtime. To get you started, we offer eight free fabric samples to people based in the UK. We have everything from porcelain recycled cotton to soft linen in mint so you can find the right soothing palettes for headboards and sofas.   

Christobelle Piped Bed

Christobelle Piped Bed


5. Make your bedroom a happy place 

And now, it’s just a case of putting it all together. Utilise all the space you have, declutter, pick calming colours and add the final touches to make you feel good. Calming room scents, such as lavender, and relaxing playlists might help you reach the land of nod a little quicker. Most of all, it’s about feeling comfortable at home – whatever the weather.  

Carnaby Headboard