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New Felix Corner Sofa Bed

Our Autumn Collection is finally here and now with 10% off across all products.  Featuring here, our Newly designed Felix Corner Sofa Bed!

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Available Now! Our Brand New Clementine Sofa Bed featured here in our Family Friendly Pure Cotton Velvet - Seal Grey

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Endless summer Madness

As the endless summer holiday are coming to an end, I am finding the urge to clean, tidy and organise is kicking in. For me this begins with the utility room, closely followed by the pantry and linen closet. When these zones are in control and look beautiful, the rest of the house just follows.

I find true joy in filling preserve jars with healthy food and sweeties (well, it is still the holidays), then stacking and ideally labeling. The beautiful soft handled natural bristle brushes are rescued from the den in the garden and hung in neat rows.  I truly believe once my home is in order, my head will follow……..and now it will be Hemsley +Hemsley all the way.

Below are some images that fill me with inspiration, to help get you in the spirit.

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When objects work

Here at love your home we believe in filling your home with beautiful quality items that will grow with you. While working on an everyday beauty post (watch this space) I rediscovered these beautiful, ceramics.

When Objects work, Is the vision of director Beatrice De Lafontaine. The Belgian Company produces and Distributes exclusive objects designed by Leading designers and Architects, whose work shares there vision for immaculate function and timeless style.

William Morris famously said, that one should-

‘Have nothing in your house which you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful’

When objects work first lunched in Milan 2001, they have continued to pursue this philosophy.

Its relevent that years after this design was launched. I am posting these images. These designs have not dated, and, I believe will not in future. They are truly beautiful and work with every style.

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House Plants

Following my visit to the Pig on the Beach. I haven’t been able to get the fantastic textures of the indoor planting out of my head. House plants have been a  strong trend for the past few years. There a many fantastic indoor planting and indoor gardens boards on Pintrest,  we  have a growing board ourselves Indoor planting  

I felt that as inspired as I am, indoor planting didnt need much more discussion.

However, the work of Melbourne Artist Elizabeth Barnett has taken this trend one step further.

Elizabeths paintings invariably depict jungle-like spaces, overflowing with Fiddleleaf Figs, Philodendron and Hoya. Elizabeth’s work is often inspired by plant life, fuelled in part by her daily walk in Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens. Originally trained in printmaking, Elizabeth has shifted to painting in acrylic on linen. Enjoying the immediacy that this medium affords her, and the way she can create an almost watercolour-like effect using translucent layers of acrylic paint and medium.

Her painting are a fantastic way to inject a little colour and texture into your home. I only wish i was the lady reading her red book. These pictures are truly the perfect place to get lost!

To view Elizabeths full story visit The design files.


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The Pig

I had a wonderful meeting at the Pig on the Beach. The interior is great, But the styling of the tables in the conservatory is so inspiring. I had to share with you a couple of pictures 

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At love Your Home we Love Blue, from Pure cotton velvet 'Airforce blue’ to the palest brushed cotton 'Powder'. Whether , patterned or plain, at LYH we are always drawn to blue.

This is hardly a surprise when you look at your staple denim blue jeans the platform for most people’s wardrobe. Denim was a huge fashion trend last S/S 2014. Colour Experts, can be discouraging of blue, as it can be considered cold.  However the opposite is in fact true, the cold light filling north facing rooms can actually enhance the blue pigment.

It seems we are not alone. The new collection from Little Greene Paint this season is ‘Blue’ completely dispelling the myth that blue is a cold.

The palette encompasses a wide spectrum of tones, from confident indigo to calm linen hues. And that’s not all! There is also the seductive ‘Ultra Blue’ (above), a uniquely pigmented colour, which is mixed by hand in Little Greene’s paint factory and will only be available as a limited edition paint. The 'Blue' Collection will be available from late September.

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I completely love the Koko Klim textiles. They use only 100% natural materials. The photography is beautiful, and so inspiring. Above is an image from the CABO range. 

I couldn’t resist putting together a few of my favorite wooden pieces, together with stockists. I hope it inspires you to add a little texture. Watch this space for more detailed information on work by Koko Klim.


1 Legno Vivi table, Completely natural with Zero Impact on the environment. Available from Riva 1920

2 Kami Mug , from: Suchandsuch

3 Kami Plate, Available from: asahikawa woodworking

4 Natural Coconut Utencils , Available from: Norm Living

5 Primary clock  By David Weatherhead and Good Available from :

6 Feb 31st In Collaboration with Riva 1920, Available From Riva 1920

7 Kami Mug , Part of the Kami Range Available from: Native and Co


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What is a Successful Home?


Photographer Kara Rosenlund in her kitchen.


What is a Successful Home?

Beginning a blog was a very daunting experience. As a creative, I have so many ideas, but expressing and capturing them accurately through words can sometimes be challenging.

Whilst writing the introduction for my first blog, I found myself typing the phrase ‘Successful Home’ – and as the words came up on screen, I wondered if this was really what I wanted to say.  The word Successful felt too corporate and cold and did not reflect the Love Your Home philosophy.

This has however played on my mind all week.  Surely, in some context everybody is trying to create a successful home? As with every part of your life, benchmarking success is incredibly personal – just like your home.

For me, I believe the key to a successful home is simple.  Always buy what your love and be true to yourself.  Never try to impersonate a style or force a look.  Houses that reflect the personalities that live there are always homes.

We can gain inspiration and guidance from magazines and blogs which can extensively represent visually many different styles, be it contemporary, classical, inexpensive, luxury or eclectic. 

I have sourced some examples of homes where the personalities who live there have fully embraced their passion to both full and successful effect.


Above: Photographer Kara Rosenlund Home To view her full house and story Visit Design Sponge


Above :The Home of Fashion Designer Lee Mathews to view her full house Visit thedesignfiles

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Mustard..a little or a lot.


Looking through the Fermoie samples, reminds me why l love my job!

Each perfect fabric sample is lovingly displayed within a colour palette, each colour within the box is a subtly different weave, texture or pattern. Watch this space for our new range using these beautiful textiles.

You can view more of the fabrics on line at

I couldn’t help but take a quick picture of a small selection from the mustard book. 

I have also gone one step further and created a Mustard Pinterest page. I hope you enjoy it

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