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At last may is here. The garden is looking positively green!

But its not just the garden that is feeling verdant! We are bringing green indoors. This month we will be officially launching our green images shot in March.

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The NEW Green

At LYH we are not lead by trends. We are of course effected by them; it’s a natural progression. However as I mentioned in a previous blog, we are lead and influenced by our wonderfully diverse customers

During the middle of last year we began to notice a shift. Customers visiting the showroom were strangely attracted to our Peridot Stain Resistant Velvet fabric (shown below on our Beatrice Bed).

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White on White


I love colour, bright vibrant prints, dusty distressed bights and warm woolen winter tones.

However tones of white are by far my favourite. Especially at this time of year, white tones really capture the sun as it moves higher in the sky projecting cool shadows through the windows.

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Bespoke Furniture Detail

At last our new images are ready, we have new product, and, have also reworked some of our favourites. 

I know I am always banging on about our customers and how important they are to us, but they really are . They are the ultimate creative directors at Love Your Home. So often designs are prompted by customers ideas or design modification.

This season we have really focused on a few different areas. The first stages of our accessories range starting with the scatter cushions, new fabrics, and of course new designs. The story that runs through all the new images is contrast detail. Our customers have always been able to choose contrast detail as part of our bespoke service, but I don't think we have shown it enough.

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Children's Book Day

Childrens Book day : Eric Carle

Since 1967, on Hans Christen Andersons birthday, International Children’s Book Day has been celebrated.

Reading with your children creates a special bond; it’s a wonderful time to give them your time and attention, to be quiet and relax and to introduce them to the magical world of books, a truly precious gift.

The books you read as a child stay with you for life. For me, being a predominantly visual person, I was naturally drawn to the illustrations. As adults we have little time to indulge our inner child but revisiting these books immediately transports me back to childhood.

Author/Illustrator Eric Carle’s beautifully simple stories and mesmerising, brightly coloured illustrations do just this for me. Through re-reading Carles books to my children, I can share some of these precious memories from my own childhood.

Born June 25, 1929, Carle is most famous for his book The Very Hungry Caterpillar, which has been translated into over 30 languages. Since The Very Hungry Caterpillar was published in 1969, he has illustrated more than seventy books, most of which he also wrote and many are best sellers. More than 71 million copies of his books have sold around the world.

Eric Carle in his studio.

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The Magic of Tidy

The life changing magic of tidying

January always sparks thoughts of  ‘home detox’  I am predominantly a collector, of all things, I love the memories associated with ‘things’ I’m a stylist, and to do my job, objects have to speak to me, even the ugly vases in a charity shop tell the story of someone’s life and style, a period of time, method of production, material or even colour. I find this connection very hard to resist!

This type of obsession does come at a cost, eternal categorizing moving and rearranging. The curating was always part of the joy, as a young person with my own space and endless weekends to myself, to potter and muse over these little mementos. But now with 2 children, and, there own mementos!, life is looking a little hectic. My endless collecting, has always been slightly at odds with my personal style! Deep down I’m a minimalist, I LOVE order everything must have its place, I enjoy a simple palette and a calm a tranquil space. 

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Mood Boards 2016

The New Year signifies the preparation for the first of four shoots we work on throughout the year.

The first of these will focus on our love for detail. Our bespoke service, puts the customer in control of the of the finished design, giving a truly unique product.

This season we will be reflecting our love of design detail through the combination of, contrasting texture and subtle colour change. At Love Your Home we really believe that design must last, not just for this season but for the future

Below are 3 mood boards. 

Large Prints 

We have spent the past 4 years focusing on, our core designs and fabric ranges. We have spent a huge amount of time sourcing the best woven, velvets and plains in cotton, linen and hard wearing stain resistant fabrics. We work extremely hard to edit out designs, so you know the fabrics we have are the best within the price range. At last we feel satisfied with the content of our plane fabric range. We feel ready to add pattern to the collection last year we added Fermoie, founded by the previous owners of Farrow and Ball. As you can imagine the colours and textures are perfection and completely timeless. 

This year we are including some large bold florals and limited edition floral designs, as always we have taken our time, researched and edited, so the new range will include only what we feel is the best, unique, timeless, and highest quality…watch this space for the results of the shoot.


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Neon and Neutral

New Neon

Neon and Neutral, For those who love an opportunity to experiment with New Tends . Christmas and in particular gift , wrapping is great time to play with colour and texture.

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Deck the halls - Minimal Approach

2/4 Blog posts demonstrating how you can get into the Christmas spirit, and still remain true to your style.

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Deck the Halls -The natural way

 1/4 Blog posts demonstrating how you can get into the Christmas spirit, and still remain true to your style.

Your home is, just that. Your place to feel relaxed and calm. This is never more important than at Christmas.

I used to find Christmas a challenging time, I love Christmas, being a stylist I am in heaven working on the colour palette for the up and coming festivities. But I used to find I got overloaded with inspiration, and ideas. After many years i realized, that that the way to decorate for Christmas is Exactly the same as you would at an other time . if you’re a minimalist, don’t feel you should, cover every surface with glitter and tinsel. Since this moment of clarity, I have been able to sit back and enjoy. Reminisce over the existing decoration and add to them year after year.

I have compiled some inspiration, to hopefully inspire your all. Remain true to yourself and what you LOVE.  

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