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Living with Texture

The quality’s in each texture (above) are accentuated by the material next to it.

I am a material girl! I love texture, but most of all I like textures that are unexpected. Where you have rough you must have smooth, matt textures need metallic and leather needs wool. 

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NEW Leather Collection


(Above: Ottilie sofa corner. Upholstered in Tan.)

After weeks of discussing, tweaking ,mood boarding and prototyping our new collection is finally here.  We are incredibly proud of the new designs, they looks fabulous and the carefully chosen fabrics look soft and beautiful but above all practical.

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Chateau de Beauvoir

We are beginning work on our next shoot, for which I will share the colour pallets with you next week. As part of our shoot preparation, myself and our lovely Katie Putt, a member of our marketing department, have been spending our evenings painting a giant floral back drop, using black, red and pink.


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Happy Monday all

Following on from, my lighter shade of colour blog. I just had to share the work of  Danish artwork designers


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A Lighter shade of colour

As we move towards February, spring feels like just a short sprint away! Time for a little colour..

(Above Photograph by Pia Winther 

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Pantone colour of the Year


For those who follow our Instagram or have read my previous blogs , you will know, our love affare with green has been an ongoing one! We added our Peridot Stain resistant velvet to our House collection, which is now becoming one of our best selling fabrics, The beautiful, Tallulah chaise gets the highest number of likes whenever we post on on Instagram. So, when it was no surprise when Pantone, experts in colour , announced there colour for 2017 would be ‘Greenery 15-0343’.

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Inspirational Books 2017

I love New Year,  The feeling of possibility. Sitting at my desk in the beautiful surrey hills, looking at the clean white frost, and blue sky, I feel the slate really has been swept clean.  I can feel the energy of spring below the earth, just waiting to explode!

But where to start…….a new project, healthy eating, start cooking, redecorate the house, practice mindfulness. Maybe chose one, or two!!. I have asked the girls diverse group of girls, here, in the Love your home office, for  goals they have for 2017 , and the books that they hope will help them.

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Gifts:For A Boy

1:Draw what you see by Hirameki. From Amazon

2:Train and track tape. From RAShop

3:Fox Pencil case. From Boden

4:Bonsi 12’. From Easy rider

5:Kinds crown.From Oska&Ellen





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Gifts:For A Girl



1: Owl Pencil case. From Boden

2:Structured Knit Jumper, Pink. From Cos

3:Feather crown in pink From Osca&Ellen

4:Draw me a House: Thiabaud Herem. From RA Shop

5:Ziggy the chevron. Flamingo Mug. From Sass&Belle



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Gifts: For Him


1: Norfolk Jerkin from The Carrier Company

2: Knitted hotwater bottle cover. From Boden

3: Transparent, orange, waterman ukulele. From V&A Shop

4:Bittermilk , ‘Whisky sour ‘mixer. From Labour and Wait

5:Marshall stanmoor speaker . From Amazon

6: Chapman Boarder, rucksack from Boden





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