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Decorating with pink

Pink has really become a staple in the interior designers colour pallet. Gone are the memories of peach walls with chintz curtains in a circa 1980s guest room.

The pink we have fallen in love with is crisp clean and brave. It’s a choice not an op-out.

It's warmer than white but softer than grey. Once you get into pink, it's quite hard to remember how you managed with out it.

Here are some of my favorite ways to use pink .

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Small Space Living

No matter what size your living space is, you undoubtedly will have a wall hook, back of chair or tiny sliver of floor space that gets repeatedly covered in clutter. If, like me, you are a serial outfit changer, that precious space soon gets piled high!

In small bedrooms and living spaces this kind of mess can really start to drive you crazy! However, there are solutions for even the smallest of spaces. The way you choose furnishings and arrange them can really help to combat the feeling of a messy cluttered space. I have put together 5 tips to help you make the most of your space.

Josephine Bed

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The Best Sofa Beds

When Leigh and I started Love Your Home, our focus was to provide exceptionally good design and high quality manufacture to real homes. We are constantly looking at the way our customers live and how our designs can make the best use of the space in their homes.

Sofa bed design was an area we looked at early on. The market is full of ugly uncomfortable sofa beds. Historically housing a bed in a sofa would result in a bulky sofa and a lumpy hard bed. We looked at every element of the sofa and tackled the bad points and created a true hybrid.

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Pod and Pip

Here at Love Your Home we are dedicated Instagramers! One feed that kept popping up was Pod and Pip. We have been lucky enough to chat with Sarah the owner.


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Little Greene


Above: Mid Azure Green 96 & Royal Navy 257

The much anticipated, Little Greene colour card has been unveiled!

Colour is so important to us at love-your-home. Our customers are a brave lot, gravitating towards turmeric and teal over the more traditional beige and neutral. Our customers love colour but need the designs to be timeless. They want it to feel contemporary, but not too trendy that it dates quickly.  We often direct our customers towards heritage colours, like burnt orange or forest green. Timeless colours that can be updated and accented with new colour accessories.

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This month we LOVE....

Highlights of Terracotta.

For those of you who are loving the NEW warm tones, but are not quite ready to fully commit. We love terracotta and orange tones as a highlight. In the inspiration below, the warm tones give depth to a more conventional green/grey story.

Above: Josephine storage bed styled with Love-Your-Home Scatter cushions in Burnt orange and Blossom. Paint swatches all from Farrow and Ball

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Living with Texture

The quality’s in each texture (above) are accentuated by the material next to it.

I am a material girl! I love texture, but most of all I like textures that are unexpected. Where you have rough you must have smooth, matt textures need metallic and leather needs wool. 

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NEW Leather Collection


(Above: Ottilie sofa corner. Upholstered in Tan.)

After weeks of discussing, tweaking ,mood boarding and prototyping our new collection is finally here.  We are incredibly proud of the new designs, they looks fabulous and the carefully chosen fabrics look soft and beautiful but above all practical.

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Chateau de Beauvoir

We are beginning work on our next shoot, for which I will share the colour pallets with you next week. As part of our shoot preparation, myself and our lovely Katie Putt, a member of our marketing department, have been spending our evenings painting a giant floral back drop, using black, red and pink.


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Happy Monday all

Following on from, my lighter shade of colour blog. I just had to share the work of  Danish artwork designers


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