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Denim Denim Denim

Classic Florence ArmchairThis Month it is all about the denim, check out our fabulous Florence Armchair displayed in denim, looking gorgeous with two neutral scatter cushions to create that chic and classic look..

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Time and Leisure Magazine features The Matilda Sofa Bed

Matilda Sofa Bed

We have recently been featured in the Time and Leisure Magazine. Read more for information regarding the Matilda Sofa Bed and why it has been named seriously sexy!

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Isabella Upholstered bed shown in House & Garden's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' Article

Isabella Upholstered bed featuring in House & Home's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' ArticleOur fantastic Isabella bed has been recently exhibited in the magazine House & Garden's article featuring their picks which would ensure you 'slumber in style' this summer.

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House & Garden Showcase our gorgeous Jasper corner sofa

Jasper in Hose and Garden MagazineThe sofa, covered in cotton velvet (velvet airforce), takes centre stage in a stunning display that covers the two page spread. The whole set up is very stylish and modern, making us very proud to have our sofa given featured in this great issue.

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Livingetc magazine features our Woodgate Modern sofa with footstool

front page livingWoodgate Modern sofa with footstall featured in Livingetc magazine     

Livingetc magazine features our Woodgate Modern sofa with footstool in the recent issue. They describe it on a page for 'Ideas to steal' with the tip; 'introducing a blend of styles, materials and textures will give your home a cutting-edge look.'

Check out the Woodgate Modern sofa here: Woodgate Modern sofa

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Grace 2 seater sofa makes it into Staffordshire Living

Grace 2 seater sofa makes it into Staffordshire Living 

Grace 2 seater sofa makes it into Staffordshire Living. Here’s the article:


Couch Potato:

“Your sofa is arguably one of the most important components in your living room, setting the style and overall ‘comfyness’ of your lifestyle at home. Here we’ve handpicked 6 different trends that may tickle your fancy… or backside for that matter!

Decadent Diva:

There is something so sumptuous about the use of fuchsias and purples. Traces of baroque details will bring this style on the right side of diva!” They also included a warning of inevitable couch potatoes on “this beauty”.

Find out more on the grace sofa here: Grace Sofa

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We're in Septembers 'Good Homes Magazine' in their fabric Sofas Feature!

We're in Septembers 'Good Homes Magazine' in their fabric Sofas Feature!The Jasper Modern Sofa features in Septembers 'Good Homes Magazine' Fabric Sofas Feature - here's the article:

Fabric Sofas - Add style and personality to your living space with a Brand new sofa design.

There's no denying that the sofa takes centre stage in the modern living room - it's the place where we relax after a hard day, Catch up with family and indulge in our favourite DVD box set. As well as featuring the ultimate comfort zone, it needs to look stylish, so if yours is a place you no longer want to linger and it's making your lounge look tired, why not spruce up your scheme with a bold new design?

Coloured and patterned sofas in vibrant shades and luxurious, feel-good fabric can't fail to make an instant fashion statement and will ensure your sofa is always in the spot light. Fabric sofas are available in a fantastic range of colours, textures, styles and size options and you are guaranteed to find one to suit your scheme.

Velvet, chenille and felt fabrics in beautiful jewel tones will be in abundance this autumn: a gorgeous way to breathe new life into a drab decor and feel as good as they look. If a patterned sofa appeals, take your pick from sassy stripes, delicate florals, pretty Japanese style prints and modern geometric designs that can't fail to give your living space the wow factor. If you feel overwhelmed by the huge range on offer, most companies offer free fabric swatches so you can experiment with different looks and envision how your new sofa will fit in with your home before you commit to buying.

TOP TIP! - Make a note of the sofa dimensions before you buy and check that it will fit through doorways without scratching the paintwork.


USE - Does your new sofa need to be situated in your main living area where the family relaxes or will it be more decorative buy for occasional use? If you have children and pets, you may wish to consider easy-clean fabrics and removable covers that can be washed.

STYLE - Decide whether you prefer contemporary or traditional sofa designs, bearing in mind the style of your existing furniture, colour scheme and surroundings. A new sofa should complement, not clash with your decor.

CONSTRUCTION - Check that the sofa has a well-built robust frame that will stand the test of time, and see that the company offers a guarantee.

SIZE - Think about the size of your room and how many people your new sofa needs to accommodate. A large three-seater is a good choice for families or you may require a combination of two smaller sofas and a few chairs. A corner sofa is a worthwhile investment for compact and awkwardly shaped rooms and it can help divide an open-plan space. Small rooms will benefit from sofas with narrower, slim arms whereas living areas with high ceilings suit designs with tall backs.

COMFORT - As well as making a style statement, comfort is one of the most important factors when choosing a new sofa. Check there is enough space for lounging and if you need extra support for your back, you may want to invest in high back cushions. Consider different fillings too. If you prefer a firm seat, go for foam cushions. Fibre cushions offer a more relaxed feel.

What Good Homes have to say about our Jasper Modern Sofa - Why Buy? This is a great options for family homes as the main seat cushions are removable for easy cleaning, plus, you can choose from either silicone wadding or Goose down filling to suit your comfort preference. It's built to last and the bespoke options means you can find a sofa to suit your room’s dimensions.


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Isabella Bed featured in Time and Leisure Magazine London

Isabella Bed featured in Time and Leisure Magazine LondonIsabella Bed featured in Time and Leisure Magazine London.

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GRAND DESIGNS MAGAZINE - Grace Armchair featured

GRAND DESIGNS MAGAZINE - Grace Armchair featuredWe get pride of place in the No1 spot in Novembers Grand Designs Magazine of our very own designed Grace Modern Armchair.

'Streamlined appeal - Grace Modern armchair in solid beech and linen and cotton in Porcelain.

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Cheshire Life - Henry Corner Sofa Bed featured

Cheshire Life - Henry Corner Sofa Bed featuredHere's what they had to say:

Guests will be cosy and comfortable on this Henry Corner Sofa bed £2487 from Love Your Home for Less. There is ample storage for a Duvet and bed linen with room for the Pillows in the back rest.$9-corner-sofa-bed-with-storage

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